John 21

Main Idea

We should eagerly seek God after we have failed him because he is eager to forgive and restore us.


Head Change

To know that Jesus does not disqualify us from his service when we fail.


Heart Change

To feel confident in God’s unending love for us rather than a fear that he might abandon us.


Life Change

To go to God in humility and hope after we’ve failed him, knowing that he restores his wayward disciples.



2nd  Chances… 

If you are reading this you have experienced one.  Whether it be that you were the giver or receiver we all have been on both sides from an early time in our lives.  The best friend we “lost” when they wouldn’t let us ride their tricycle.  

The story we see unfold in this last chapter of John is a wonderful story of restoration and imagery.  We have Peter in a boat fishing agin.  He went back to what he knew after he felt he had messed everything up when he denied Christ 3 times at the time of the crusifiction. 

And throughout this encounter these deciples didn’t reckognize Jesus physically but by his actions and words they knew it was him.  From the charcoal fire that was waiting when they got to shore.  Another miracle of masive catch of fish.  (They even took the time to count it this time). Breaking of bread and fish for a meal.  Jesus took them back to where they met Him to restore.

But there is a catch…  In order for restoration to happen one must be repentant and seeking forgivness.

Jesus is ready and willing to give us another chance.  Are you willing to seek fogiveness to have that chance?