Main Idea: Because God is ultimately right, powerful, and perfect, our response to suffering should reflect humility and trust.


Head Change: To know that it is right to admit we do not understand all of God’s reasons for allowing us to suffer.


Heart Change: To feel secure in God’s righteousness and love despite the pain we are enduring.


Life Change: To respond to difficult circumstances by acknowledging our limited understanding and speaking humbly—or not at all—about God’s role in our suffering.



Would you call yourself a researcher or risk-taker? How do you approach choices that involve some mystery?


Some of us jump at a chance for adventure even when the outcome is unknown or uncertain. Others would rather know as much as possible ahead of time to mitigate against potential disaster. The more you know, the better you can plan.


Both Job and his friends were convinced they knew how God operates. But God is much more of a mystery than they were willing to acknowledge. In this session, Francis will walk through the long and increasingly frustrating conversations between Job and his three friends, showing us our need for humility when we approach God.